An upscale private training facility
Craig is an athletic trainer certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association and the National Academy of Sports Medicine, with additional certifications in Corrective Exercise and Performance Enhancement.  He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fitness and Wellness. 

Before stepping foot in the gym, Craig spent a lot of free time volunteering at the local animal shelter.  He was often seen socializing the “unadoptable” scared, timid dogs and turning them into trusting companions who would eventually get adopted.  Aside from animals, his other interests and hobbies include shooting pool, hiking/trail running, going to the beach, practicing hot yoga, and keeping up with all the health and fitness expos/conferences.  A few of his goals include placing in a high altitude race, completing an ultra relay race, and working with a professional athlete in another country.

He has worked with many runners, including beginners who need guidance and the competitive athlete who desires a coach, a partner, or a pacer.  The distances range from 5K to Ultra-Marathon.   He believes that joining an endurance event can be a fun way of getting in shape and anybody can do it (with doctors clearance of course).  Not only will the extra pounds fly off, your cardio will improve tremendously, your mood and confidence will go up, you will gain mental and physical toughness, and so much more!   Over the years, after becoming a decorated competitive runner and coach, he saw a greater need for corrective exercise, so that’s where his focus shifted.  Although he still stays conditioned incase anyone wants to invite him to races, or if any clients show interest.  Calabasas Fit was soon opened up, and since then he has worked on “repairing” several knees and hips as well as racing times.  He has also brought in the top trainers in the area, with specializations ranging from functional training to professional athletic training.

22900 Ventura Blvd,
Woodland Hills, CA 91364
(818) 305-5348
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“Craig took me along his favorite half marathon training run, and now I do it every week! Its by the beach so its also relaxing for me”
- L.L.

“I can’t believe his simple tips and changes made such a difference in my racing!” -Jescee T.

“All this corrective stuff works! My feet, knees, and hips don’t hurt anymore.”
-Jeff H.

“I have been training at Calabasas Fit for almost two years.  It is by far the best equipped private facility in the West San Fernando Valley.  I feel lucky to walk into this place, and not wait for a machine, or put up with the echoes.  Its truly a place to maximize your workout in an stress-free environment.”
-Nick M.

Calabasas Fit is a clean, upscale private training facility.  This means that we don’t have hours, as we are by appointment only, so please schedule a meeting. Here, private trainers can rent space and bring their clients.  The clients only have to pay their trainer! Easy! No fees, no membership, no hidden charges!  The trainer simply pays rent.  Whether you are a trainer or looking for a trainer, feel free to use the contact form on this website.
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